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The sundress : 1 dress for 3 different occasions

During the summer period, whether you are on vacation or at work, it is almost impossible to escape the high temperatures and consequently, the dilemma of what to wear. Personally, as soon as I find a garment that I love, I find it hard to go without. I am looking for different ways to style it and wear it for distinct occasions.

Currently, I couldn’t imagine summer time without the striped sundress. I love that it is made in 100% cotton, that it's lined (doesn't stick to the legs, even in super hot weather) and that the straps are thick. They give it a modern, sport-chic twist, avoiding the classical look of thin slip dress straps.

Recently, I wore my sundress, on business meetings, on weekends - for brunch with my friends and on vacation. Here’s images of how I wore it, with styling tips to transform this versatile dress for different occasions.

3 ways to wear the sundress this summer 

#1 At the weekend brunch

How to style the sundress for the weekend brunch

Wear the sundress layered over your favourite white tee. Accessorize it with a shoulder bag, a discreet but original jewel and nude sandals with or without a heel.

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#2 In the city

How to style the sundress in the city

The Slash Brand sundress can be worn as a tunic, unbuttoned from the bottom to the hips and paired with a short or knee-length leggings. Pair this outfit with the most comfortable of summer shoes: the snicker sandal. 

#3 At the beach

How to style the sundress at the beachPaired with a raffia capeline hat and polarized sunglasses, to protect you from the sun, the little sundress transforms itself into a stylish sarong.


Mask matching dress - masque assorti a la robe

To make it easier for you to follow the regulations related to wearing a mask, the Slash Brand sundress comes with a free fabric mask matching the dress.

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Was my advice helpful? Which of the 3 styles do you like the most? Thank you in advance for all your comments.

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