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The n°1 secret to attain Parisian effortless style.

How to reach the certain ‘je ne sais quoi ‘?
and 5 easy steps to follow.

By Parisian born & internationally raised fashion designer Monika Jadach

How to dress like a Parisian?

Spending my childhood and then living and working in Paris made me gain lots of insights into Parisian way of life. The style the secret n°1 Parisians know so well is to deeply enjoy and to take pleasure in dressing yourself. It may sound cliché, but it is a key ingredient to Parisian effortless style. Parisians don’t try too hard, because there’s no need.

When you develop the habit of being focused and attentive to yourself, you will know and feel what’s the right and wrong outfit. Everyday, in the morning, get in this ‘focused on yourself’ space and get dressed with our 5 tips.

Dress yourself with love

1. You are unique. There’s no one like you in the whole world!
It is important to start with this attitude. If you try to fit in with a certain crowd or to copy someone else’s style, you might end up looking like you're wearing a disguise and feeling accordingly (and that’s a big faux pas for us, Parisians).

2. Enjoy and celebrate every day.
For Parisians choosing their outfit, getting dressed, is a pleasurable moment. When you enjoy whatever you do, you are ‘in the moment’. Realize that this day will happen only once; this will help you to tap in your focused space, and from this place you can decide with ease which outfit will be the best.

3. Dare to mix opposites.
Your personality is complex, you have many sides to it and this is what makes you beautiful and unique. Why focus on one style, while there’s so many qualities in you? It doesn’t seem right to wear one style head to toe, while there’s so much more to who you are. Embrace all of your traits and let them show thought unexpected pairings and a beautiful, eclectic mix of styles.

4. Imperfection is beautiful!
Trying to look perfect, with the perfect blow up, perfect make-up, shoes matching purse, perfectly ironed outfit, and so on… will make you look made-up, not natural and not at ease with yourself. Your prime focus should be on seeking to be yourself, and allowing some imperfection, which shows your beautiful uniqueness.

5. Comfort is key.
The flow of the fabric, its movement and the way it drops on the silhouette are during my design process important clues to decide whether the cut is right or not. The movement of the fabric gives attitude and comfort. Being well dressed means feeling good in what you are wearing.

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240€ Ruffled Skirt


140€ Reversible Wrap Belt


250€ Corset-Shirt


Parisians love the nonchalance of mixing opposites, like masculine and feminine. Chanel perfectly embodied this vision with her work. The feminine designs above are cut in herringbone, which is a typical menswear fabric. Wearing clothing in this material can highlight femininity by acting as a sharp contrast.

Hello! I'm Monika

 As a fashion designer I meet many women with a busy schedule, which makes it difficult for them to find the time to focus on themselves. The advice I give has to be easy to follow.

I find that the most efficient wardrobes are small ones with high quality pieces. So first of all
I encourage to clear and organize your wardrobe. 

When shopping focus on finding fundamental, quality pieces. Any item can be styled in many ways, find this out when shopping. A special or a rare piece, with a beautiful cut, in a high end fabric will implement any outfit with style. Whereas buying the same items over and over, or medium quality clothing, or the same old basic staples, will not bring anything new or fresh to your wardrobe. It will not be noticed that you are upgrading or enhancing your style.

Perfecting your unique “Parisian” style is a constant job and there’s so much fun in the process! 

• Slash Brand applies traditional sewing technics and high-end, luxury quality fabrics, which make our designs last from season to season.

• Our clothes have a modern cut and a great fit, that will make you look young and modern, no matter your age. This is achieved during many hours of a unique pattern development process, applied in Parisian luxury houses.

• Thanks to our small limited editions you’re not likely to meet anyone else wearing the same outfit. 

European production

You will enjoy our clothes for years as they are crafted from hight quality French or Italian materials. They are sewn by ethical manufacturers in Europe, with whom I keep a close relation and visit every time we make a sample or a small batch.

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Our customers say about us


"I was surprised how light and warm this bomber jacket is. It has become one of my favourite jackets and I wear it almost every day.
It fits easily into my outfits and adds a touch of sporty chic. I appreciate the little details like the inside pocket or the front zip that opens from both sides.


"Slash Brand wide pants fit me perfectly. I have one woolen pair and one linen cropped. I love the way they make my bottom look good."


"I get so many compliments when I wear my Slash Brand Jacket. It goes with anything in my wardrobe, so I style it in many different ways and wear it to the office, for a night out and during weekends."

380€ Bomber Jacket


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