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Advertorial 1 - Parisian Style

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The nr. 1 secret to Parisian effortless style
How to reach the certain ‘je ne sais quoi‘?
and the 5 tips to follow
By Parisian born & internationally raised fashion designer Monika Jadach


How to dress like Parisians? 

The secret Parisians know so well, is to deeply enjoy and to take pleasure in dressing yourself. (We love every moment of it).

It may sound cliché, but it is a key ingredient to Parisian effortless style. Parisians don’t try too hard, because there’s no need. It is becomes easy when you are in the moment, in tune with yourself, your needs and your desires.

When you develop the habit to be focused and attentive to yourself, you will know/feel what’s the right and wrong outfit. Everyday, in the morning, get in this ‘focused on yourself’ space and get dressed with our 5 tips: 

Dress yourself with love

Cater to yourself love, attention and care, this is what will make you feel good, and when you feel good = you look good. Voilà! That’s very simple and here’s how to do it following the 5 tips/rules below:


You are unique!

There’s no one like you in the whole world! It is important to start with this attitude, as If you try to copy someone else’s style, you might end up looking like wearing a disguise and feeling accordingly. (That’s a faux pas to Parisians and feels so bad.)

Therefore you should focus on yourself and dress accordingly to your needs, your desires and your personality. Focus on what makes you feel pretty, what flatters you regardless of trends.

Dress just for yourself.



Celebrate every day

We see dressing ourselves as a pleasurable moment. And when you enjoy whatever you do, you are ‘in the moment’. Realise that this day will happen only once, this will help you tap in your focused space, and from this place you can decide with ease in which outfit will you celebrate this day.



Dare to mix and balance opposites 

Your personality is complex/mulitifaceted, you have many sides to it and this is what makes you beautiful and unique. (So many events contributed to who you are today, to your interests, your qualities, your accomplishments…)

Why focus on 1 style, while there’s so many qualities in you? Embrace all of your traits and let them show thought an eclectic mix of styles.

Parisian style appeal lies in it’s ability to balance opposites, like sophistication and simplicity, masculine and feminine, elaborated items with basic ones.

The effortless elegance comes from allowing to mix and balance those different styles, creating this way your unique style.

We love the nonchalance of mixing feminine shapes and boyish ones together. Chanel did perfectly embody this vision with her work.



Imperfection is beautiful!

Trying to look perfect, with the perfect blow up, perfect make-up, shoes matching purse, perfectly ironed outfit, and so on… will make you look made-up (worst that can happen to a Parisian) not natural and not at ease with yourself.

The rule is to not overdo and balance everything. It’s okay to have an item slightly worn, we see it as romantic, or hair not so perfectly tidy.

Your prime focus should be on seeking to be yourself, and allowing some imperfection, which show your beautiful human side.

Look to be yourself over being perfect.



 Comfort is key!

We don't like to wear very tight, movement constructing items. The flow of the fabric, it’s movement and the way it drops on the silhouette are during my design process important clues to decide whenever the cut is right or not.

The movement of the fabric gives attitude. It’s all about comfort, the way feel and move, the way you embody your attitude and your personality.

Dressing well is feeling good in what you are wearing.